bad impressions

We gotta get out of here.

On the 15th, we plan on putting in our 60-day notice in this apartment. We might even leave earlier and just throw money at them.

Don’t worry. There hasn’t been a catastrophic problem in this apartment. It’s just that there has been a series of small issues since we’ve been under new management, and it has reached the point that its failures make it not worth the drive to work for Renée and the short drive or 40-minute walk for me.

There were some things we didn’t like about this place, but we were OK with it because our property manager was good with getting our packages and staying in contact with us when routines changed and our maintenance man at least acknowledged a problem with a promise to add it to his list (and he made good on his promises).

And now we don’t even get that.

I looked at our current space with reservations (I had seen this place when it was a real dump), but the old property management company sold it on me.

I’ve been mostly looking at houses because I kinda miss having outdoor spaces. Every place I’ve looked at has been snapped up before I got through the door … except for the one that I saw in an open house that was snapped up before we finished filling out the application.

One of my coworkers mentioned today that the housing market has been brutal here lately. He had just finished going through a bruising hunt for a house.

That said, of course we fell in love with another apartment building. Like this place, it lacks all the trendy amenities, but it at least has proper windows that let in sunlight and is a project by a lauded developer.

I guess we’re not out of our trendy reused spaces phase yet.

I’m trying to not get my hopes up, because I spotted a house yesterday that I was certain was going to be mine and was let down in the initial phone call.

But I really want a fully detached house. I really, really want a two-story fully detached house. I guess that comes from how I grew up. But that can come later. We’re a childless professional couple in our 30s — bring on the hardwood floors and funky renovations in an urban center.

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