back on the desk

Today was my first day of training on the copy desk. Yep, for those of you following at home, I’m back on the editing side of things.


I have seven things to write until I’m no longer a reporter. That number could go up if anything jumps up on my beat in the next week. I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen.

It happened already. On Monday, that number was six. I lost a story and gained two more.

For those of you who have been here since 2004, you know all I wanted to be is a copy editor. I didn’t need to be editor of The Hopewell News. I didn’t need to be second-and-a-half in charge in Charlottesville. I was perfectly content in North Carolina, except for the whole being hours from my friends and family and getting out of there before my job potentially got outsourced bit.

I never, ever intended to be a reporter, except for when I voluntarily became one in February.

I like to write, but I my heart isn’t in writing articles. My heart is in this blog, that I started neglecting again because I couldn’t talk about the potential changes and feared I’d inadvertently let it slip.

My heart also is in Brown River Blues. I’ve been chugging away at this revision and expansion. It’s going to be well over 100,000 words when I finish. It’s a little amazing to me that it started with a bare bones plot in 25 installments in this very blog. It’s amazing that it’s taken this long to get this close to declaring it complete. By the end of the year, I hope to do another open call for anyone who wants to read and critique it. I at least want Mini-Mullin (I’ll never stop calling him that), Mandy and Falyn to read it, since they have seen versions that were missing critical plot points.

Even editors need editors.

It feels good to say I’m an editor.

Tonight was great. As I told my boss’s boss earlier today, it was anything I haven’t done before. There wasn’t a twinge of trepidation or self-doubt. It was like slipping on a pair of handcrafted white leather shoes you bought for your wedding that have molded to your feet and have become your most comfortable pair.

I wore those today.

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