the secret’s out

I’m waiting for my renter’s insurance to update my policy so I can drop it off at the new place. Meanwhile, since I sent to emails that weren’t returned and dropped off a letter, I went downstairs to confirm our final rent for October.

Although I folded our August rent inside of the folded letter stating our intention to move out at the end of our lease, they swore they never got notice.

Um, I not only dropped that off, I took a photo of it.

Anyway, the new management company changed to making it 30 days notice instead of 60, so we’re fine. But if I never went down there to verify, we would have been on the hook for all of October’s rent plus the “month-to-month fee” of $97.

Um … this building offers nothing worth another $97.

They mentioned that our apartment would be next on the list to be renovated, since we’re moving out, so we don’t need to repaint. We just need to not have giant holes in the walls, which is doable, as long as the Kool-Aid Man doesn’t visit in the next 30 days or so.

This not only confirms my thoughts about the new management but also shows what they’re doing.

They really do want us to leave so they can renovate and jack up the rent. And they’re gong to suck at property management and charge you an extra hundred bucks a month until you give up and move out. Or until you give up and move to a renovated apartment that costs more. Or you argue the unannounced month-to-month fee (and I bet they’d offer to waive it if you GTFO).

Even if we weren’t planning to leave, they would have has successfully driven us out by November. There literally are so many other places in this city we could live for less than our current rent plus $97.

So it’s officially official: We are out of here. Now it’s time to get serious about packing.

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