I’m approaching the halfway point of my revision of Brown River Blues. It’s a moving target because I keep adding stuff.

And deleting.

In this particular instance, I moved a chunk of a chapter to earlier in the novel and left myself a note to fix it later. That happened before LSW-V died in fall 2013. It stood at 83,000 words then. Now we’re at 95,000. I’m debating adding a chapter to outline how a character dies. Either way, I think we’re going to crack 100,000 words before the 13rh draft is complete.

But I digress.

So, I got to the point where I told myself “I stole stuff from this; fix later.”

Good job, Robinson.

I’ve been stitching the gap in Chapter 10 together for the past few hours. What I’ve done makes me happy.

What I’ve done since the writer’s block disappeared in Miami Beach has made me happy.

Along with Shigemi and the Sea, I have another interlude of sorts called The Drop and the Pit. It’s a lot shorter, but it fills in a gap in the “secret storyline” that I initially didn’t realize was there all the time. If I do the death scene, it’s probably going to be called Rollins and the Sheriff.

Additionally, I need to put in bit where Lorenzo actually talks to his parents. I’ve mentioned before that his apartment is less than a mile from his ancestral home, but he hadn’t been there in months. The design of that house has been in my mind’s eye since Dec. 17, 1997, so I’m looking forward to describing it.

Although Lorenzo originally wasn’t a part of Brown River Blues, I purposely set it 10 years after the action of my original novel, which no longer exists. There was to be a book set 10 years after his 2001 graduation, but I think I never even wrote an outline for that.

My goal is to have it done by the end of the year and then work on the query letter. I have a format for that in mind. It’s almost time for me to recruit people to critique it. I’m thinking to do three people who have read an older draft that is missing a lot of the stuff currently in Draft 13 and recruiting some new people, including some of my new coworkers. If I can will this into complete existence 10 years after the action of it occurred, I will be overjoyed.

But first, I have to take care of the surprise I left me.

One more thing: After I finish Brown River Blues, I’m considering another story call The Collectors. It spans some time shortly before Brown River Blues and ends about 20 years later. Even if it doesn’t happen, I introduced two of the characters from it. I’ve wanted to write The Collectors for some time now, but I forced myself to ignore it because I didn’t want it to happen at the expense of this current work not happening.

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