we’re in

I reserve this song for big transitions that involve me being disappointed in someone/something.


Broadcasting live from my temporary desk.

We got the big stuff in today. There’s so much to do, but we’re both off until Wednesday. And we officially live in South Richmond until next Saturday.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it. This one-bedroom apartment is the same size as the two-bedroom we just left. The space is used more efficiently. We have a massive linen closet, a hall closet and a walk-in closet in the bedroom. The kitchen has more shelves and drawers than you can shake a stick at. As you can see, there are cabinets above and below the bar in our great room. The great room comfortably fits our couch, desk and dining room table.


And the windows face the outside world.

When we got here, the carpet guy was finishing up. Our leasing agent decided at the last minute that we needed new carpet. Other than that, it has been raining all day, so this move has been a pain. We pretty much fizzled out around 7 p.m. The bed’s together, so at least we can sleep. My goal is to get everything out early Monday and have this place halfway presentable before we head back to work on Wednesday.

And hope and pray that we can get designated parking as soon as possible.

I’m fine with finding a spot on the street a few blocks away, but it’s a little ridiculous because of the draconian parking rules in the area nearer to our place.

But, yeah. It’s great so far. We’ve been here, and the only noise I’ve heard was from someone heading down the walkway near our windows.

And there’s so much space for activities!

And I now live closer to some of my friends.

And this place already feels like home.

I’m excited.

And I hope I can have some of your over soon.

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