I want to share pictures, but there’s so much let to do before this truly feels like home.

  • My second (first) bookshelf broke. I’ve had it since about 2007, and parts of it haven’t survived each move. That’s why I’m pretty much done with kit furniture. I plan on going to Diversity Thrift to get a solid case.
  • I need more mounting strips. The walls are pretty pristine, and we got a damage sheet listing how much we’d be charged for every hole. Unlike the old apartment, there aren’t an awful lot of holes in the original brick, and we don’t have any visible wooden support beams.
  • General storage. We have two empty sets of cabinets and one or two closet shelves that essentially are empty. I would very much like things currently sitting out to be stored in them. But we’ve only been here 1½ weeks and just couldn’t do work plus two solid weeks of packing and unpacking.

But I can’t wait for it to be done. I want to show it off.

I don’t know what it is, but something about this place seems more … adult. It’s weird. We didn’t buy or throw away any key items in the move, but our stuff just looks better in here. I wonder if it’s the scale. Our old place had incredibly high ceilings and exposed ducts, pipes and electrical conduits. The hardwood floors creaked and the walls were ludicrously thin. It also was lacking in proper storage. It was like one of those status symbol cars that lose $10,000 in value the second you roll them off the lot and then have a $1,000 problem within the first two years.

Here, ceilings are higher than standard, but not ludicrous. Despite that, the only thing proving this is a loft conversion are the two brick walls in the great room and the windows that reach about six feet in height. We have wall-to-wall carpet, only hear noises from the hallway through the door and have ample space to keep this from looking like the devil’s hog pen, once everything gets put away, on a daily basis.

Whenever I didn’t pick up after myself, especially on the first floor, Grandma said I made a room look “like the devil’s hog pen.” I occasionally say that, and I hate common areas looking messy because we were big on hospitality.

To continue the car analogy, it’s like this place is a sleek, understated machine. Its value won’t drop like a rock. It won’t become a money pit that defies your efforts to keep it well maintained.

Somehow, out stuff just looks better in here.

Never mind that this part of the complex was built in like 1995. It’s dated to the point that its retro. It’s old without looking “old.”

But we’ll have it together soon. There will be pictures soon. Some of you will be over soon. I can’t wait.

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