If you want our old table, let me know.

I do not miss the old table. At all.

It’s getting closer to looking like real adults live here.

Minus the newspaper box on the bookcase. That is not stolen, by the way.

A friend of mine is consolidating households and asked if we needed a table for our new place. I immediately jumped to it. I didn’t even know if it could fit in here when I said yes.

You see, we got our old table during a Target run about a year ago and 1) it was not what we expected and 2) it didn’t come with all the pieces. I was angry about something, as I’m wont to do, so I left it all wobbly until I could put it together correctly. The problem with that was it wasn’t built to be disassembled again after being put together, because it was crate furniture from Target. When you move, you chuck it out and get a new one or you try to move it in one piece and it collapses spectacularly in your moving vehicle.

When I took a portion of it apart to attach everything tightly, a critical piece wouldn’t fit anymore. The screw holding it together went straight into the naked plywood, so that hole no longer was good. I never got around to getting nails or a bigger screw or a power screwdriver. Instead, we settled with no one leaning on it tool hard and agreeing that it could not be moved.

It survived the trip, but that critical bit fell off again and I was so over dealing with that piece of crap.

I’m hoping Renée is able to sell it soon, because I want it out of my sight. I also want the last lingering boxes and such out of my sight, too. We get bookcases out of the deal, so I can put mine away, there should be one left over. I want the common area to look neat at all times — I don’t want to have to “clean up” (i.e. shove everything in the bedroom) if someone is slated to come over or be utterly embarrassed if someone stops by on short notice. In theory, we have enough storage space. We just didn’t take enough time off to put everything away yet. I try to do as much as I can before work each day, but I don’t want to anymore. I want it done this weekend.

But this table is a big step. Actually, the table and the shelving. There’s very little left to be tackled and that’s a big relief. As a whole, this place looks infinitely more like adulting that the last place, so I want to continue the look of adulting. And this table screams adulting.

It’s the first real table I had in a decade. I got Theresa’s living and dining room sets when the divorce happened. It was amazing, but I was too transient to have that much grown-up furniture at age 23. I gave it all away by November 2008. Other than my bed, I could fit all my possessions in my car from that month until October 2012.

These are exciting times for Elliott Robinson.

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