In a few short hours, I’m going to hop on the scale and see where we are after one month of deciding to do something about being Fatty McButterpants. I’m estimating 8-10 pounds, which is good, because I’ll reach my target early and can eat somewhat poorly again so I don’t waste away.

I ate poorly over the weekend, partially on purpose, so it probably won’t be as fantastic as it could be. The biggest problem is that I ran out of a nutritional supplement I was using and temporarily replaced it with something that does not make me feel as full as what I had. (Basically, I went to milk consistency from milkshake consistency.) Usually, I’d eat fruit or vegetables if I felt hungry again around midnight, but I had Korean fried chicken Saturday night and a big honkin’ bowl of spaghetti Sunday night. Tonight, I had a chef’s salad, which might as well be a Whopper. At least I didn’t put ranch on it. But my next shipment, with the appropriate amount, comes next week and I’ll be back to my newish routine.

This month, I’ve decided to throw something else into the mix. In addition to averaging more than 80 minutes of physical activity a day, I’m going to attempt something I don’t think I’ve done in about four years: go an entire month without booze.

That sounds really bad.

I don’t mean I get blackout drunk every couple of days or so. I mean we sometimes have wine with dinner or I get some pretentious craft beer or I drink a sixer over the course of two or three days or I take a Lyft to a friend’s house because I decided in advance to be in no condition to drive back.

Going three weeks without booze in Charlottesville was an accident. I think I was 2½ weeks in before I even realized it. Then, on my way home from work, my car skidded in the ice and snow and crashed into a pole in front of my own house. I decided I needed a drink after that.

But, anyway, booze is kinda fattening, especially since I’ve gone from drinking straight liquor out of teacups to joining the craft beer craze. I just want to see if I lose more in February without liquid bread in my belly.

But, I normally don’t eat carbs, so I’m also wondering if I’ll wind up craving potatoes, bread and/or rice. If that’s the case, then I’ll know that beer is just how I get my carbs and the alcohol content is a nice little perk.

It’s kinda like how I stopped drinking soda when I switched to sparkling water when I realized all I wanted was the carbonation. If beer stops me from eating mashed potatoes, so be it.

But, for now, forget Dryuary, it’s Dryruary.

5 thoughts on “dryruary

  1. Which supplement are you using? Might be worth looking into.

    (You know, since my kidney report came back and apparently I can’t eat any damn thing anymore…)

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