I’m eating as I write this. Seriously.

Despite winding up eating late at night for the past few days, I’m at 184.8 pounds. That’s roughly 10½ pounds since Jan. 1. I started at 195.4.

That’s also a promising start.

I’m not expecting every month to be 10 fewer pounds, especially since that would leave me at about 135 pounds in June, and I don’t want to be 135. Furthermore, I don’t think I’ve been 135 pounds since elementary school.

When I say my grandma fattened me up, I mean she fattened me up.

I don’t clearly recall a time before puberty without shopping in the husky section. Or a pants size smaller than 30.

But, anyway, I’m down 10 pounds and I’m eating at 12:20 a.m. It’s not celebratory. As I mentioned before, I had to tweak my diet regimen slightly and it’s leaving me hungry by the end of the day. I’m annoyed by it because I don’t like eating this late on a daily basis. I’m going to try something out after I wake up later and see if it works.

Also, I’m going to bug my friends who are in this with me to see where they are so far.

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