Essentially, I neither lost nor gained in February. But I definitely gained, and then lost and did both in different areas. Here’s a recap, in no particular order.

  • I didn’t order enough of the protein supplement, so I switched to a bottled brand. I wound up eating more because it wasn’t enough to sate my appetite.
  • I ate more in general because we celebrated our actual anniversary (Feb. 13) with a couple of meals out.
  • Then the Super Bowl happened. I ate at both my mom’s house and my mother-in-law’s.
  • I caught a cold. I went about five days with little to no physical activity.

I knew a month like this would happen; it’s part of the reason that I gave myself six months.

But pants I bought recently are too big. I also easily slipped on a pair that I typically have to put on by sucking everything in and praying I don’t have to unbutton them until I get home.

Additionally, I ate more carbs in February, and it was kinda weird. I decided to go the entire month without beer to see what would happen. One of the oddest moments was when I really wanted a beer, ate a roll and then didn’t want a beer. Because of the breakdowns of my routine in the first half of February, I’m going to extend this to April. My apologies to Legend Brewing Co. of Richmond.

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