i demand a recount


Oh, come on. I had to have lost more than that.

I have a shirt I have been trying on since January to gauge how things are going. I bought it in 2015 without trying it on because it was a large shirt. I didn’t realize it was a European large shirt, which is somewhere between medium and large in ‘Murica.

We’ve gone from “I cannot wear this outside this apartment” to “It’s not as tight” to “I almost can pull this off” to “Yeah, I could wear this before spring is over.”

OK. So the last two ones were pretty similar. Maybe the scale is correct and I haven’t lost or gained any weight since the miraculous 10-pound drop from January to February.

I haven’t been as disciplined with the protein shakes after I ran out in January. I’m currently a container behind (granted, the shipments have been arriving earlier and earlier). But I’ve been eating less and, according to this Fitbit, I almost consistently get more than 10,000 steps a day and climb stairs like a champ.

I’m purposely doing this without exerting myself more than what I normally do, which probably is the problem.


I still have until June to get to 160. But I’ll take 170-something. For now.

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