I’m purposely doing this without exerting myself more than what I normally do, which probably is the problem.

“Of course you’re not really losing any weight; you’re not doing anything to burn it off.”

Well, I’m not going to do something I’m not going to keep up with later. And that got me about 20 pounds.

Sure, I could go hit the gym three times a week. But then I’ll catch a cold or I’ll go on vacation or there’s something I really need to do or I’d rather watch TV and I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about someone’s thinspirational poster saying I should go anyway.

So I’m just changing my diet.

I’m not stress eating or anything like I was commuting to Charlottesville from Richmond, and I’m not eating as much in general.

My biggest problem now is that I’m not walking as much as I normally do. Once I take Missy out in the morning and come back in, I’m usually not keen on taking a second walk because I covered part of where I wanted to go when I took her out. We’re getting a travel water dish so I can take her farther, but I don’t want to go too far until she finishes her training.

But I do miss my eight-mile treks around the city.

I’m currently looking at a four-mile loop I recently did when I was incredibly bored and didn’t realize how amazing Shameless was. It’s a good start, and should just take an hour.

It might be time to make some time.

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