Rollins and the Sheriff

I have a short chapter to edit before launching into a new section, Rollins and the Sheriff. I’ve sketched an outline for it already, and it was easy because I’ve known the story for a very long time. it was nothing but a casual reference since at least 2010. (Draft VII is as far back as I can go at the moment.)

Aside: I just realized this draft has taken four years now. I started in August 2013, my computer died that November, my next two machines had problems opening the file, I got writer’s block until 2016 and here we are in the home stretch. Also, I didn’t realize until looking in the archives that I didn’t change the ending until the last draft.

The story of Rollins and the Sheriff evolved slightly in subsequent revisions, but I only touched on it lightly. My favorite part is that it’s the second appearance of a character I invented for my next novel, which might not get written because I lost interest in where it was going, and I have an idea for either a novella that I’m adding to the Seven Ninety-Two collection of short stories or a full-on novel.

I think I mentioned this quasi-revived character, O’Toole, before. His name comes from a bar in Richmond. I don’t want to give too much away about him, but I hope I can do more with him one day.

But I digress, sorta.

There’s a lot of ground to cover in this section, and I think it’s because it’s been cooking in my head for so long. But as I said in a previous entry, I’d rather have stuff to cut than have to go back and add more.

Speaking of adding more, I realized that I need to augment one other chapter, so I really have one new section to add and two more parts to expand. But that should be it. I’m thinking about how, without the additions, I have about 50 pages to go and a lot happens in them.

It’s almost over. It’s really almost over.

And I really need to adjust my sleeping habits because I have to start having a compressed period at home soon.

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