4) ‘ballad of the eagle claw: the centipede/toad = mantis style/the student’ by no bs! brass

The title of this song is mangled on the YouTube-generated “video.” Additionally, this isn’t exactly the correct name of this song.

This is the third (or sixth) movement of “The Ballad of the Eagle Claw,” but it’s generally referred to as Centipede.

Either way, this is my favorite 6½ minutes of sound, especially Taylor Barnett’s trumpet solo.

Up until about midway through high school, when our interests pulled us in different directions, the bandleader, Reggie Pace, and I were good friends. We spent a lot of time in grade school playing Mortal Kombat or exchanging music. One of my vanishing few regrets was not joining band in middle school with him because I love music. I sing baritone, was in the choir when I went to church and never pass up an opportunity to at least go to a karaoke night. I keep saying I’m going to record myself covering songs by The National.

But my other love, writing, won out. I do wish I could at least play piano, though.

Anyway, No BS! was founded in Richmond roughly when I started working about 25 minutes down the road. I went to a lot of the early concerts because this band gets me. I’ve always been a sucker for brass instruments.

Alive in Richmond came out around when I was heading to my new job. This sophomore album still is my favorite, and I felt that if there were going to be a song to literally trumpet my entrance to my new job, this movement was it.

It was fitting. My time in Hopewell had its energetic highs, its pensive lows and it felt great at the end every single day.

It was there that I learned that I had no idea what I was doing and started to learn what I needed to do. Overall, I made a difference there, and I’m damn proud of it. Nothing will change that.

But all good things must to come to an end

Next: Time for the final bout. …

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