5) ‘stable song’ by death cab for cutie

There was a very long period when I essentially did nothing but listen to Death Cab for Cutie. There are three more coming up over the course of this.

I once had a dream that featured this entire song. Yes, the all of “Stable Song” — I dream of entire songs, even when it isn’t playing, on occasion..

In this soundtracked dream, I wandered through a situation where I wasn’t equipped to to do anything to fix it. It bothered me greatly. In understand why I dreamed it, and it sticks with me a decade later. I wrote about it here, but the majority of post before 2013 no longer are public.

“Stable Song” popped in my head again six years after its release because I had recently discovered the 12-minute version of this song, “Stability” while looking up the video for “You Are a Tourist.” The final track on Plans commandeered my thoughts about Codes and Keys because Codes and Keys is my least favorite Death Cab album. It felt fitting over the course of that late summer and nearly all of fall because I felt that I took the paper in Hopewell as far as I could take it. Someone else needed to take it to the next level. I no longer was 25, and I realized I didn’t know a lot of things. I needed to go somewhere to learn more. I also felt like Greater Richmond was a phase of my life that also had run its course. I didn’t want to leave, but figured I needed to leave. I’ve mentioned that several times a few entries back. Not to belabor it, but in all honesty, I shouldn’t have come back in 2015. Or at least not all the way back to the city’s core.

It’s funny that not even six months ago I was adamantly against living in a suburban or exurban area. Como hemos cambiado.

But I digress.

I cast a wide net for a new job. I decided I would look across Virginia plus Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina. North Carolina was first to make an offer.

And then two tropical systems all but destroyed the newsroom in Hopewell.

I needed to leave, but not yet. I couldn’t leave my team like that. Not while there were tarps hanging from the rafters, ripped-up carpets and Servpro dehumidifiers fighting of the growth of mold.

I messed this noble act up a little.

I was 28 and thought I knew things.

Next: Didn’t we just do this one?

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