6) ‘stability’ by death cab for cutie

A funny thing happened as I stuck around in Hopewell as the repairs were made to the newspaper building: The loop of ‘Stable Song’ in my head gradually changed to ‘Stability,’ which is an earlier version of ‘Stable Song’ with a very long instrumental coda.

As I mentioned in the last post, I was ready to leave Hopewell when the building was all but destroyed. I then rejected the job offer in North Carolina because I didn’t want to leave them in that state.

I really should have seen how far they would push back my start date.

As the repairs continued and things settled into a variation of normal, I went back to feeling that it overall was time for me to go. I eased back into my job hunt.

Once the repairs were done, it just wasn’t working out anymore. I took a deep breath one day and called North Carolina. The job was still open. Without the opportunity to properly plan, including discussing things with my new girlfriend, I was packing up my things and heading south.

I met my new roommates before they even knew where we were leaving. I didn’t formally changed my address from my old place in Richmond. There were singed bridges, anger, and feigned celebration. I was rushing headlong from one failure to another.

I couldn’t believe my triumphant Centipede fizzled into languid repetition of “Stability.”

If I played closer attention to the music, perhaps I would have noticed something else going on.

Looking back, I think I knew it. Actually, I did. I know I did but it was too late. We’ll get to that in Track 8.

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