7) ‘life in mono’ by mono

I’ve been trying to post the YouTube-generated versions of songs because there’s less of a likelihood of them being taken down eventually. I deviated here because that version was a radio edit.

Despite being an English major, I did not hear this song because of “Great Expectations.” A fellow literature aficionado saw the adaptation of the Dickens classic and sand it stank. I value her opinion on book adaptations, so I avoided it.

I came across this in my voyages into trip hop and other electronica-adjacent genres. I picked this one for my exit from Virginia just because of the vibe of the song. It sounds like an ending but not with the finality of a Death Cab for Cutie ending song.  This was a phase of life ending, a totally new direction, a response to the cycle of defeatism in “Stability”/”Stable Song.”

I had six months.

I checked about how long I had until I needed to seriously consider changing my residency. My lease with my newfound roommates was for six months. I figured, when it was up, I’d either stay with them, find a new place to live or would have already begun fighting tooth and nail to go to Virginia, another newspaper or leave the industry.

But I wished I could have had a proper exit.

I didn’t even take my bed down there. I never got around to it. I slept on a cot. I was going to live 550 miles away from my girlfriend.

I loaded up all my possessions in my car — up until that point, everything I owned except for my bed fit in my car — and headed down there hungover as all get out on New Year’s Day. My first day at work was Jan. 2.

It was unseasonably warm most of that winter. My job was near the beach. The house was roughly two blocks from Wilson Bay in the New River estuary. It should have been amazing.

Next: It wasn’t.

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