8) ‘music is math’ by boards of canada

The past inside the present.

This song encapsulates my six months in North Carolina.

I knew something was wrong, and the unsettling end of this song shows it. I noticed it even then.

I looked depressed in my photos. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I can tell glancing at them now.

Nothing went as planned. I didn’t leave Virginia on a good note. I was hundreds of miles from friends and family. I didn’t get a chance to bond with my roommates or make new friends because my life was work, talk on the phone or Skype until nearly sunrise and sleep until work again. I made friends with very few of my coworkers.

On occasion, I went back to Virginia or hung out with my roommates or went to Wilmington. Those few moments were not enough.

My team in Virginia fell apart. It bothered me.

I felt powerless.

I almost gave up.

Next: I considered giving up.

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