11) ‘i didn’t see it coming’ by belle & sebastian

“Take me on a plane, ‘cuz I’m not flyin’; I can see the world from a different side. Read about us in the morning papers when we make it, when we make it alive.”

There was an awful lot going on once I returned to Richmond.

I got a start date a few days after arriving. I had a couple of weeks to bum around with no job, so I joined Instagram, went to New York and took my favorite picture of my girlfriend. That photo of my wife is now on my desk at work.

As the month rolled along we half-seriously talked about marriage and began talking about the immediate future. As I mentioned in the previous entry, I only was going to stay in Hopewell/Richmond long enough to get a proper goodbye this time. My girlfriend and I made a pact that the first person to get a real full-time job would win and the other person would relocate.

I then began applying for jobs in New York. Although I knew I’d miss driving on an open road regularly and not being subjected to the whims of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, I wanted to give living in New York a try. She was fine with staying there as song as she kept her reverse commute.

Before the summer was over, I managed to get her ring size and there was a ring in the freezer until that November.

Never mind that I had like zero dollars. I mortgaged my future long ago, and it didn’t matter if I added on more money I didn’t have because I already calculated that I wouldn’t be truly comfortable until fall 2018.

Anyway, this song seemed fitting as the world seemed to kick into higher gear that July. I definitely didn’t see it coming. I knew we were going to be serious, and it didn’t matter how broke we were then. And knew that one day we’d look back at it when we made it alive.

It was also hard to believe that things were looking up just two months after one of the lowest points in my life.

But first, I needed to get back to work.

Next: Let me see what you’ve got.


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