12) ‘wrecking ball’ by bruce springsteen

One of my favorite things is that Bruce Springsteen wrote a song in like 2009 and then titled an album in memory of Giants Stadium and then, a few months later, Miley Cyrus was naked on an actual wrecking ball.

I’ve always like Springsteen. I don’t have an awful to of his albums, because he’s one of those artists I like but I only purchase his work when the mood hits me.

I was compelled to get this album the day it debuted. It’s not his best overall, but it was better than a lot of things the industry tells us is the hottest album of the year.

What draws me to Springsteen is how universal a lot of his songs are. There is a universality because, as much as people like to pretend there are huge differences, working-class people of the two currently dominant races in the U.S. are exceptionally similar. Jackie and Billy in “New York City Serenade” (a very fine piece of music, by the way) could be anyone.

But, anyway, after all that happened, I felt like Giant Stadium. I went down, but I was defiant till the end. I felt like this song summed everything up and it was time to move forward.

And, as I mentioned before, things were moving forward fast.

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