13) ‘that’s incentive’ by death cab for cutie

You’re not a true Death Cab fan unless you have Chords. Even better if you’re a charter-member fan and have Chords on cassette.

I do not have it on cassette. I only came to the party in the gap between Transatlanticism and Plans.

Anyway, the little “That’s incentive!” at the opening of this song popped into my head when I opened the ad for my current job. It all but said, “If your name is Elliott Robinson, this job is yours.”

It was exactly what I was looking for.

I applied on a Saturday afternoon.

Three hours later, I got asked for to come in for an interview that Thursday.

Hired on the spot.

My girlfriend and I were moving to the city nestled between the Southwest and Blue Ridge mountains.

There was only one thing I had left to do: Have the exit I should have had that past December.

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