F.I. to Harley

I’m stuck at the new section I need to write because I need time to sit down and write it. I have a new old job that isn’t’ exactly near where I currently live, so the earliest I’ll get to it is this weekend.

I also need to make a minor change.

Over the years, I’ve renamed a few characters because I either met someone with the same name (and, once, someone with the same name and occupation) thought of a better on for them.

My biggest problem is that I conjured up a character and then met a person an awful lot like here and so many people are going to think I was writing about her and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. If it gets to that point, I expect someone who knows anything about my life to say “___ ostensibly isn’t an analogue of ___” at some point. It doesn’t help that I sprinkled traits about myself across two characters, including one who interacts a lot with the coincidental character. I’m failing to mention her as to not lead people on before reading it.

But I digress.

Here are some of the changes that have been made:

W. Webster became W. Waycross because I completely forgot my mom’s church had a William Webster as a pastor.

Gene became Gus because I know a Eugene, and forgot Gene was short for it, because this particular Eugene goes by a wholly different nickname.

Mitch became Osbourne because I met a copy editor named Mitch and Oz is a copy editor.

Fiona became Francine because I forgot a friend’s middle name is Fiona. Additionally, this character has unflattering nickname (unbeknownst to her) that is abbreviated F.I. She thinks the group of people calling her Fi are going so because of her initials.

Fi, no longer will be known as Fi.

Over the years, I’ve passed an exit on Interstate 64 for two communities that, from how they’re positioned, sound like the first and last name of a southern belle who has a euphemism-filled sex scene with the “turgid maleness” of Jean-Paul Beauregard Gaudreau.

I decided to create this woman, sans Mr. Gaudreau’s pulsing tumescence, but never got around to it, so we’re getting Harley.


On her first day at work, a boorish character is going to respond to her introduction with “Harley or Quinn?” for obvious reasons.

Now I wish she were more prominent, but I’m not doing another massive overhaul of this thing.

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