15) ‘night moods’ by bob james

I figured this song wouldn’t be on YouTube by itself. In theory, the “video” above starts where the song starts.

Anyway, it was an interlude of sorts. Since everything happened so fast, I didn’t even have a “theme song” for my job until 2013. It was a lot like when I got to Petersburg in 2006: I had to hit the ground running, and by the time I had a second to assess it all, a year had passed.

This song was chosen because it was playing when I reached the point on U.S. 250 in Albemarle County where Charlottesville comes into view.

I saw that view four days a week for about a month as I commuted from Richmond after giving 30 day’s notice of vacating the house atop Chimborazo for good.

By the time Track 16 finally came along, I had assessed what happened.

After thinking I was smart enough to be the managing editor of a non-daily newspaper, I realized I was at the limits of what I was qualified to do and sought to leave to gain more experience. I faltered in what should have been a defining moment of leadership in the wake of two tropical systems, got my ego knocked down a few pegs, handled that poorly, got a chance to sort of reset things almost precisely a year later and now would go on to get more experience by being in a lower management role at a daily paper. On top of that, after a nine-year “break,” I was dating my very first girlfriend again and was going to propose to her at some point before the year was over.

That all deserved some Fender Rhodes-heavy incidental music from the sitcom “Taxi.”

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