18) ‘it’ll get you there’ by rilo kiley

I’ll always miss Rilo Kiley. My favorite singer in the band was Blake, though. I seriously have a playlist of nearly all of Ronnie Foster Pinsky’s oeuvre from Rilo Kiley to The Elected to Night Terrors of 1927.

But Jenny was spot-on here.

I was so desperate to stop commuting from Richmond and not deal with an issue of me not really liking someone but that person having absolutely no idea, I half-seriously offered to temporarily be a janitor at the Richmond paper.

I was offered a reporting position. I like to write, but I like to write this blog and also fiction. I wrote news for five years, and I swore I would only do it again if I could have a column again and/or could do whatever I wanted, like write features or churn out a 10,000 word opus I spent months on.

I got half of it.

I was to be the reporter for one of Virginia’s largest jurisdictions and also write a traffic column. It was a step downward, but it paid more and there was a chance I could get back into an editing role sooner rather than later. I banked on the sooner rather than later because, despite the setback in 2012, I considered myself an overachiever and wasn’t going to settle for long with just being a reporter. Not to disparage reporting. I mean, I had planned to just be a copy editor until I got a taste of being in charge. Additionally, I have problems with authority, so I need to be in some sort of managerial role with little oversight. Unless why I need to do something is spelled out and it makes sense, telling me what to do does not go well, especially when I’m fed up. I didn’t sit in the designated press row in Hopewell Council Chambers, for example, because nobody tells Elliott Robinson where to sit.

But, anyway, I was going to the big paper. After reporting at a small daily; somehow holding together a smaller non-daily and its weekly sister paper and improving its online presence; pulling myself out of a bad place after all that work seemed for naught; coming back and making my mark again; and learning what else I could do while helping to run the show in Charlottesville, I finally was going to live and work in Richmond. All the blanks that I blanked, they got me there.

It trumped my feelings for Charlottesville. I figured I’d write a couple of amazing stories, get promoted soon and would be trading in my sweet loft apartment with exposed beams and brick and hardwood floors for a house in Malvern Gardens in no time. And, since it was an internal transfer, it wasn’t like I was truly saying goodbye. Also, I knew people in that newsroom.  It felt like the next step in a bright, shiny future.

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