the search

Sorry, guys.

I’ve reached the point that my commute has chewed up so much of my time, I feel like sitting at my computer to do things like write is a waste of precious time.

I mean, I have personal business I’ve been deferring because I didn’t have time to deal with it. Boy, it was fun when I wrecked Nicole. I hung up on both my mom and the insurance company at points because I was also dealing with getting our Virginia Press Association award entries together on top of also not taking a day off work after being stranded at the Shannon Hill exit on Interstate 64.

I also need to ask someone a huge favor, but that person is out of town and I need to call a friend in general but I just don’t seem to have the time and I’ve noticed that I’ve been sleeping longer and longer, which is compressing my day even more.

But I’m not one to complain.


In about a month, we’ll be gearing up to move into our new digs. I was hoping for a two-bedroom place because I wanted to stay in one place for at least the next three years — when I hit 15 years in journalism — but this apartment search has been brutal. We’re down to three options, and if we need a second bedroom, we’ll figure that out when we figure it out.

Monday was a day off for me, so I went on a roughly four-hour voyage to look at a few properties. On Tuesday, if I can get to Charlottesville early enough, I’m looking at one more.

Here is what I hit Monday (ones with asterisks are viable options):

* The first place I saw was something on my bucket list: An apartment over a business. It’s a one-bedroom slightly smaller than our current place, but we can make it work. I’d have to take the leaf out of our dining table, I guess and we could put the desk in the bedroom and buy a wardrobe and some shelving. All but cable is included in the rent, and we wouldn’t have to pay pet rent because of Missy’s age. It works out to being about what we’re paying at our current place.  We also get one, maybe two, parking spaces.  I like it because of it being in the middle of things. It has a shared laundry room with the other two units and no dishwasher. I didn’t have a dishwasher for most of my life, and at least the coin laundry is literally across the hall.

The second place was kinda a dump. At least from the outside. I couldn’t see a unit because they were all full until March 2, at the earliest, and they clearly were keeping track with a legal pad. I politely took an application and threw it away later.

The third place was where I really wanted to live, per what I saw online. The property manager was a very nice lady and we talked for a while. Finally, she asked about income. When I told her, “Oh, no, that’s too much” was here response. The site said nothing about it being income restricted. Also, it was a lot for “affordable” housing. A lot. That’s why I had no idea. Also, instead of listing that it was income restricted on their site, they had a printout of other complexes to try. So I used it.

I couldn’t remember why I scratched off the fourth place during my initial search, so I went anyway. Missy weighs too much.

The fifth place was a little far off. I got to take some windy roads. It was great. That place, which was spectacular and absolutely perfect doesn’t have openings till May.

A got a call about another place I shot an email to because the online listing was lacking. No pets.

* I hit some more twisty roads and reached the sixth place. Perfect. Absolutely perfect in every way. We’d have vaulted ceilings, a balcony, a fireplace a wooded walking trail and a unit positioned in a way that we really wouldn’t have to close our blinds. It is available starting Wednesday. It is the only available unit. They apparently go fast.

* Tomorrow’s place seems like a sweet deal. It’s the closest one to work. It has all-inclusive rent. Maybe. It mentions a utility fee but does not say whether that is built into the posted price of the unit. The pet deposit is a little steep, but there is no pet rent. Even if the utility fee isn’t included in the base rent, it’s reasonable. But my spider-sense is tingling. Hopefully, I’ll find out of my wariness is unfounded.

I’m strongly leaning toward the first one. It hits all my likes. Although it’s not exposed on the inside, it’s brick and concrete block. It’s over a business in a central business district. I can walk to a lot of things. I’d be relatively closer to friends and brothers. I’ve sold myself on it and things will stay that way unless tomorrow’s place seriously blows me away.

Either way, this place will be the penultimate apartment. I’m shooting for it being the final. I eventually want to get a house, I want to use the money from selling my mom’s house to do it. That’s part of why we’ve been in apartments so far. But I don’t want to think about having to move nearly 50 years of crap out of that place just yet. I’m already too busy as it is.

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