I didn’t realize how much the built-in shelving and large closets at my old apartment affected my life.

Despite having a second bedroom, an office and an overlarge living room, there aren’t a lot of places for things to go. I have two boxes of stuff that I need near me that don’t have a home.

I plan on buying a desk to remedy that, because I don’t want the dining table to become my desk, as it was in Richmond. I haven’t had a desk one since I lived in Petersburg. The one I had didn’t survive the move to Hopewell in 2007, and I began typing in a prone position on my bed. I’ve been sitting and typing at coffee and dining tables like a normal human since 2012, with the exception of the two years of my first stint in Charlottesville. During that time, I used the bar between the kitchen and the living room as a standing desk. As I often had headphones on, it was dubbed “The D.J. Booth.”

We need to buy some other tables and cabinets, too. I’ll look at square footage, but I never think of closet space when I’m looking for places. Ample closet space leads to keeping stuff we don’t need, anyway. Today, I’m tossing a ton of plastic storage containers because I only use the largest ones for leftover vegetables. Long ago, I stopped carrying leftovers to work, and if we need containers, needing to find a home for them will cut down on having them for the sake of having them.

I am a little glad about having to buy storage for some of our things. Needing furniture and having the space for furniture without the place seeming cluttered surely will keep me rooted in one place for a while. Once it’s in here, I’m not moving all that crap.

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