Now that I have free time again (hooray for moving closer to work!), I will do a quick review of my novel soon and then send it to some peers for feedback. We’re rapidly approaching fully unpacked, other than needing to buy some new furniture, so this process could start as soon as Sunday.

Before I do that, there is a little footnote of information I’d like to share.

In the original version of Brown River Blues, Sydney Smith gives birth at the end. I’ve radically changed the ending, so now she’s pregnant on the first page and still pregnant on the last page. The book ends a few days shy of the due date.

Although it would be easy to just write out the pregnancy, I’m not.

Women get pregnant. It doesn’t have to be a plot point. This is a book with a lady in it, and she just happens to be pregnant.

I’m glad things worked out this way.

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