So, when I said I was taking a break from editing to settle into my new apartment, it turned into taking a break into settling into my new job. Now we’re seven months in to my new apartment and roughly 90 days into my new job. I haven’t put up any artwork, but I’ve purchased a couch and a writing desk and enjoyed my newfound free time. But I haven’t opened the Brown River Blues file since.

I know why, though.

Thanks to bad timing, I wound up at a chapter I don’t like. It needs to be there, but there’s something wrong with it. I think I now how to fix it, but I’ll have to get back into it. I never fully elaborated what it was about, and it’s because times have changed since I first wrote it. Instead, I’ll talk about another chapter I need to revise a little. Fixing this one is easier.

I wanted to be a little coy about two characters hooking up and eventually dating. Originally, they got blackout drunk together, had an awkward “we’ll talk about this later” conversation in the morning and interacted in a way that implied that they had become more than friends.

Later, I tweaked it to say that the night was fuzzy for the both of them but implied that they were aware of what happened.

When I get to it, I’ve decided that I’m going to say that they were tipsy but were aware of their actions and indeed are a couple by the story’s end.

I also have a problem with another character.

Basically, what I’m saying is that, once I deal with this crappy chapter, I need to make certain that a consensual encounter is displayed as one and modify another character.

I need to do one more revision after this one.

But I really need to just finish this one. 

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