well, that didn’t work

Raleigh is surprisingly close to the Virginia border; unfortunately, it isn’t exactly near anything in Virginia.

Can I get a version with Minnie Riperton over this instrumental?

Picking a period right before taking a trip, followed by two nights of meeting overage wasn’t the right time to declare posting every day. This is the first time moment since Thursday night that that I’ve felt like I’ve really and truly sat down and relaxed.

I can’t say I didn’t relax during this trip, though. It was exactly what I needed, and unfortunately, I didn’t take that many photos.

Augmented reality!
Technically, this is the only photo I took.

After work on Friday, Renée and I packed up things for our dog and headed south to Raleigh. Falyn, Isaac and John live there now, and I’m continuing my work to visit people now that I have weekends off.

This was was well overdue because I’ve seen Falyn’s parents and brother-in-law a lot more than I have seen her over the past few years.

Falyn and Isaac recently bought a house and it is renovated enough for them to feel comfortable welcoming guests. They also have a fenced-in backyard, so Missy got to run free for a very long time.

After we got settled in, we headed out. I’m not saying where because I don’t know we were supposed to be there. I mean, we were invited, but it was one of those situations.

I did get to go down a slide, though. That was fantastic.

Needless to say, we had a very late start. We were near downtown Raleigh, so we headed there after Renée and I played with Missy for a bit longer than we should have, given that the point of the trip was to visit people and then got Peruvian food at Mami’s. Our first stop was The Raleigh Times. From there, we finally assembled as a group.

Next up was Level Up. I’m a little glad that barcades are a thing. There are two in Charlottesville (or one and one actual arcade), and I honestly haven’t been, but I like that they exist. It was great fun, and a private event decided that they didn’t want to didn’t need to leave, but we were starting to get a bit peckish at this point. We didn’t know where to go and wound up at Fox Liquor Bar. As we are old, we only made one more stop after that at Landmark Tavern. We were near the augmented reality mural, depicted above, so we headed there on the way back.

After breakfast the next morning, we headed back to Central Virginia. On the way, I decided that I wanted to see the center of Virginia. We live not that far from it, but I’ve never been there before. It’s on private property in Buckingham County, so I was fine with going to the historic marker.

The marker isn’t in the right spot on Google Maps, and I’m not going to be the one to fix it.

While we searched in vain, we circled the actual geographic center of the Old Dominion and missed the marker to our right when we gave up and headed home.

It was worth it, though.

The entire trip was worth it. I don’t have a lot of friends left from high school, and I cherish the ones I have. Falyn and I are variations of the same flavor of weird, so it was fantastic to wear a sparkly grey blazer while with someone garishly bedecked for St. Patrick’s Day and another person wearing an incredibly sexy brocade frock coat and spontaneously do the Time Warp.

I’ve missed that.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon. It’s only 3½ hours away, and I’ll come back around when I reach the end of my list. And I plan to get more furniture over the summer so people can come here.

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