long time, no see

I can’t stop listening to this.

I didn’t mean to not write the entire month of April. Luckily, I made notes about what I was going to talk about. The reason for the delay is that I really need some time off. I have some coming up, but it doesn’t really count as vacation. Regardless, I’ll have 2½ weeks of vacation left after those days off, so I’ll relax at some point very soon.

Anyway, let’s venture to the waning days of March, when I got a text from one of my fraternity brothers named Dan and one of 20,000 people I know named Dan. This particular Dan is still in my phone under a nickname he got in college that I think no one calls him anymore. But it helps me know which Dan I’m talking about.

But I digress.

Dan contacted me because of a concert.

In September, I’m going to Charlotte to see Phil Collins live.

My love of Phil Collins partially was a joke. I say partially because my first exposure to him was Don’t Lose My Number when it played in a grocery store when I was a child. And then there were episodes of Miami Vice with
Take Me Home and Long Long Way to Go. And then, in like 2003 or something, someone made a disparaging Phil Collins joke. I immediately replied along the lines of, “Dude, In the Air Tonight is the greatest song ever made!” And then someone mentioned Don’t Lose My Number, and I mentioned how I thought it was glorious the first time I heard it in a grocery store.

In the span of five minutes, I became The Black Guy Who Loves Phil Collins, so I rolled with it. Now, No Jacket Required is usually the first album I play when it’s warm enough to have the windows rolled down. You don’t know the depths of my love of the song Inside Out. Philip Bailey’s Chinese Wall album is amazing because it’s a Phil Collins album with one of the lead singers for Earth, Wind and Fire doing all the vocals.

Oh, if he has Philip Bailey there is a guest. …

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