surprisingly close

A little more than a month ago, I learned how close I am to Charles Town, West Virginia. I mean, its two hours away, but it’s closer than my mom’s house. It makes sense, though, because I’m two hours from the end of Interstate 64 in West Virginia and two hours from Danville, and I’m about 50 miles north of the geographic center of Virginia.

But I digress.

I found out how close it was a month ago, and I’m just telling you now because I was absolutely terrible and blogging last month. I don’t know what happened exactly, beyond my ever-increasing need to go on vacation. I get 16 days this year, and I’ll be down to 13 after this coming weekend. I think I need to just go ahead and burn the other three next month or something because I’m only writing for work at this point, and that has never happened before.

Anyway, I went to West Virginia at the spur of the moment because I got invited to a fraternity brother’s bachelor party in the middle of it happening. The first day was a ski trip, and the second was a trip to the casino and horse track. I hadn’t see the groom in a while, so I did what the best man told me and theoretically crashed the event.

I took off at about nightfall because the ski resort didn’t have cell service and I didn’t hear any details about the trip until I was about to pass on it.

Although it was just two hours, it could have been faster. I had to take back roads all the way there. Usually, that’s fun, but I didn’t want to get there too late (although I knew we’d most likely be up half the night).

Boy, did we.

I don’t know what time it was when we finally went to bed. I could check, because both Google and my Fitbit know. (I let Google stalk me in part so that I can mostly prove that I was somewhere and it’s not like, with the right judge or unique set of skills, someone can’t find you if they really, really want to find you.) The next day was rough. We partied like we were back in undergrad, and I really, really can’t do that anymore. I soldiered on for a good part of the day, but I couldn’t take it any longer by about the time the University of Virginia-Purdue game was happening. (Yep, I’m that far behind on posts.) I headed back to the hotel to discover that I was inadvertently given a casino card instead of a room key.

Instead of napping, I bought an energy drink, put the game on the radio and headed for home. I got back in enough time to see the end of the game on TV. I was certain UVa’s run was going to end that night, and I’m glad it didn’t. I’ve become one of those people who roots for the team because I live there. But if they play VCU, I’m RVA all day.

Overall, the trip was great. I got to see four fraternity brothers, and I’ll see them again in July for the wedding. I also got to do something spontaneous again. Well, it wasn’t quite spontaneous, but it was with less than a week’s notice. Additionally, it was a part of my goal to see people more often. I typically have weekends off, so I have no excuse. We’ll be moving to our penultimate place before buying something later this year (I’ll explain when we get closer), so I hope to entertain, too.

To make a long story short, Charles Town isn’t terribly far away and, although I’m not really a gambler, I’d go again.

But I’d drink far, far less.

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