i went to norfolk, virginia, and all i got was this lousy cold, part i

It’s fitting that I’m finally writing about this thing in April because I just successfully went an entire week without the lingering effects of the cold in the title, so I’ve gone from cautiously saying I’m better to actually believing it.

Doing these two entries also means that I’m getting closer to writing about the week of May 19, which, unless something fantastic happens before Sunday would get me caught up in time for the anniversary post. That means I have three and up to five to do over the next three days. It all depends on if I did something noteworthy on April 19th and 26th. I can’t remember, but Facebook remembers.

Anyway, I was sick from April 6 to May 17. Well, I was only truly sick for about a week. My problem is that I’ve gotten an ear infection in my left ear with every cold since I’ve turned 21. Each one last for an uncomfortably long time that makes me wonder if I’ve permanently gone partially deaf.

This sickness coincided with entirely too many things. Renée’s grandfather died a few days before, I won Virginia Press Association awards and I was going to be on a panel a few days after the awards.

I got sick on the second day of the awards, which were held in the Hilton in downtown Norfolk, which was I think the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. I usually stay in middle-level or boutique hotels. I also discovered that extended-stay hotels often offer sumptuous accommodations at a lower price point.

I could feel it happening. My throat started feeling a little scratchy during the early session I attended, and I was in denial until after the awards ceremony, which coincided with the University of Virginia going to the championship game. They stopped the awards ceremony so we could watch the end of the game against Auburn.

When we got back from celebrating. I couldn’t stop sneezing. In the morning, I felt awful. I worried about giving my talk and going to a funeral in New York.

But I one my first and second first-place awards of my journalism career. And our organization won three best in show awards, the first time a newsroom in which I was the editor has come home with those. At that moment, despite feeling like utter crap for the 160-odd miles back to Charlottesville, that was all that mattered.

That was all that mattered.

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