factory sealed for your protection

I swear, if anyone does this to a photo of me when I die, it will be the first scientifically confirmed haunting.

This entry is coming soon after the previous one because I’ve been too lazy to post these in advance. I totally could because I’m 21 albums in. I have a backup needle, and they both are good for about 50 hours of music, so I have about 20 records to go before I need to figure out how to change the needle and 70 before I need to figure out where to buy more.

In my mental Star Trek canon, Capt. Picard is named for this guy.

Upon the Wings of Music is Ponty’s first album for Atlantic. Although it’s not his first, it is his first major label debut. He plays electric violin and other electric and acoustic strings on this 1975 release. Also of note is that it mostly retains its plastic shrink wrap, which had a sticker noting that it was “Factory sealed for your protection. I want to say that came from somewhere else, but it’s clearly behind what was the price tag.

I don’t even want to know.

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