post no. 2,293

I’ve managed to average one album a day in that cardboard box since Mother’s Day. I even have make-up listening sessions. That hasn’t translated to posting it here. In fact, a lot of things haven’t translated to posting here. I didn’t note my fifth anniversary and my present being lunch at Michie Tavern and going to Jefferson Vineyards. I didn’t note my 36th birthday. I also did not mention going to Fairfax County last weekend and the joy I had in seeing some fraternity brothers I probably haven’t seen in a decade or more.

There also was major work-related news.

There reasons are many. I need to start crafting a newsletter for work. We’re going to take our show on the road soon and have people tell us what they’d like to see in a publication. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t know what role this blog will play in this. Or if it should.

And then there’s the whole work-life balance thing. I’ve rediscovered that. When I’m off, I’m off. And since I spend all my work hours in front of a computer, I’ve been spending less of my free time at my personal computer (never mind that my TV watching has gone up). Last weekend, I spent a good 24 hours with friends and I did not once open the laptop I took with me. Sure, I looked at Facebook and a few sites on my phone, but those were incidental moments. On Sunday, I almost forgot my phone because I sat it down for so long.

I think I’m still working out that balance. I mean, spending my free time with my family, friends and Netflix is great, but I’ve returned to the chapter in my novel that is a sticking point and I now realize I was overthinking it. I’ve been shaping the backstory of one of my characters for 20 years, and the problem with that chapter is what I was trying to unpack eight years of history in a few paragraphs. I’m excited about working on it, but I just don’t want to be in front of a computer on my day off for that much time. I had planned out some days with no distractions other than walking my dog, but that wound up not going the way I had hoped.

I’ll figure this all out soon.

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