the longest vacation, part five: the vacationing

I don’t know why I just thought of this song.

Aug. 29 & 30

I apparently forgot to take photos this day. On the bright side, Google stalks me, so I know where we went. We largely hung out at the beach and ate locally. Breakfast was at the National House of Pancakes. I eventually got dinner at Big Mike’s Soul Food, and unlike the Restaurant That Shall Not Be Named, I enjoyed every crumb of that pork chop dinner. I mean to warm the food up when we got home, because my takeout was followed by a quixotic journey, but I couldn’t stop eating after just one taste.

I did a very bad job of illustrating that I physically was on a beach.

The next morning, we sadly said goodbye to our view and headed back north.

17/10. Would oceanfront resort again. (But closer to downtown next time.)

On the drive down, I noticed that we passed the town where my fraternity brother, minister at my wedding and former roommate Drew lived. So I visited him and posted a picture on Facebook to make everyone envious. I don’t think anyone has seen him since maybe 2015.


We also stopped in Raleigh on the way back to see Falyn, Isaac and John, but I have no photo proof. She basically dared me to stop by and I did. Because of course I did. I’m Elliott Robinson.

You’ve probably noticed that going to Raleigh would have made no sense from Myrtle Beach because my dog was in Hampton. There was one more thing we had to do before getting Missy.

Aug. 31


There was a promotion at our nearest SoulCycle, in Arlington, and I went to Georgetown to get my mom’s birthday present while I waited for my wife. Then we got the dog and rested at home until Sept. 3. I kinda missed this, the whole epic road trip thing. That was the old me, the me I felt I lost over the years of having horrible work schedules or not caring about whether I got enough sleep.

He’s to epic road trips and getting enough sleep.

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