G Scott Smith

G Scott Smith is one of my favorite characters. Initially, he was going to be an insufferable hipster, but I kept making him more complex. His legal first name is the letter G. (He prefers no period, as it’s not an abbreviation, but goes by Scott.) He plays blues on a resonator guitar. He has a closet full of stingy brimmed seersucker fedoras. He drives a restored blue 1967 Mustang fastback. He wears $200 slacks. He keeps his hair cut like a 1970s anchorman. He’s a graphic designer. He’s happily married and is an expectant father. He has a ranch taste aversion. He really, really likes weed.

Oh, and he’s bisexual.

That’s been the case from the start. If you, for some reason, only read this for updates on my novel, you missed the whole me announcing that I’m bi thing. In Scott’s case, it’s not a plot point. He and his wife, Sydney, talk about it on occasion, but that’s about it.

I think that both contributed to the stall in editing and prompted me to move forward.

I think I was a little envious of Scott because saying it/thinking about saying it was a part of his story but that part was in the past.

And now that’s over and I’m on Page 244 of 291. Next is reading through it one more time, because I vaguely mentioned year ago that something about a character was problematic and I no longer remember what that was. The finish line is in sight.

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