Hiatus over

I’ve gotten back into editing Brown River Blues. How it happened is kinda funny (I’ll explain in the next post). Initially, I stalled out at one of the chapters that is outside of the numbering sequence. I have a few that are sorta interludes. They’re of varying lengths and add clarity to other parts of the story but you don’t necessarily need them for the overall narrative. Examples: There are a few newspaper articles and there’s a lengthy one that explains the death of a person that occurred well before the action of the story.

The one that tripped me up tried to do too many things at once. In the source material for parts of this novel, a novel I wrote in high school about high-schoolers, the character of Lorenzo had two best friends. I’ve always known that one of them would run away from home and make contact with Lorenzo on increasingly rare occasions. That happened between the source material and BRB. I felt bad about one of Lorenzo’s childhood friends being in BRB but not the other. I wrote the story of Gordon, but it didn’t fit anywhere except for in this spot where Lorenzo begins to repair his relationship with his dad. (Also, an unusual number of characters all have some problems with their parents, which purely was accidental and varies in degrees of severity ranging from murder-suicide to being helicopter parents.)

Anyway, I deleted Gordon’s story. I still feel bad about it, but everything flows better. Perhaps I’ll add it to the Seven Ninety-Two collection of short stories.

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