Draft Fifteen

I’ve gotten to the end of Brown River Blues. It now stands at about 98.000 words. I’m keeping the official tally at about 100,000 for now. It was that much before I cut an entire chapter a few years ago.

(I also cut a section in the previous draft that went on about how one character loved MySpace and refused to get a Facebook account. I had a character say something along the lines of “Facebook is the future” back when I figured it would be irrelevant by 2013 or so, but it no longer fit.)

I’m satisfied with it now. Technically, Draft XV will be me reading it like it isn’t my own novel and trying to catch any typos I missed in Draft XIV.

(Oh, and I’m also checking for any problematic sections. I mean, I deleted something else in the last edit because my thoughts have evolved since 2007 and there was a relatively OK 2007 conversation that seemed terrible in 2019.)

After that, I have a very short list of people I want to give it to for feedback.

(I don’t remember who was on the list, but I have three people whose opinions on it I value to the point that I’d rip up three quarters of the thing.)

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