general announcement

Ever since 2004, I’ve picked The Post of the Year. I’m not doing that this year. A lot of the themes I made up felt forced over the years, so I stopped doing them. That’s why I didn’t take photos every day in March. Or picked my favorite ’80s songs in April. It’s also partially why I didn’t pick back up with going through the box of albums my mom gave me (I actually did this one on Facebook, so I will finish it here at some point).

I didn’t write a lot of posts this year. I also got hilariously behind on chronicling things that happened in my life. For Christmas, I got a fancy leather-bound journal and pen set that I’m going to use to take field notes when I go on trips. That won’t solve the problem of getting those things onto the blog, but it’s a start.

I think the main reason why I don’t want to pick a post of the year is because the pool is so small. I think, if this were reader’s choice, this one would be the post of the year. Because of my internal criteria, I would argue instead that the one I just wrote is the Post of the Year.

If I can get my next post up before the first, I’ll compare the three and continue the tradition.

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