I am in love with Dan Shake’s entire œuvre.

I voted, because has Virginia has open primaries and my overall political leanings are none of your business. I’ve only missed one opportunity to vote in my entire life, and I’ll forever feel guilty about that. My grandparents had to pay poll taxes and recite the preamble of the Constitution. I don’t care if the only race is for concession stand operator and it’s uncontested. I must vote.

Doing your civic duty is awesome.

Then I went to work. While I was wrapping things up, I made up my mind to do something, and I kept going because I didn’t know whether I would back out if I stopped. That something was something I brought up on the 29th. I said I was toying with the idea of getting a nose ring.

In that post on the 29th, I wondered if I were going through some sort of crisis. I’m now retracting that statement. I’m now thinking of this being a continuation of the trajectory I was on in late 2011. The decisions I’ve made in the past few months alone fee like they were inevitable. I feel like myself again. That only took about eight years.

But back to the the new holenmyhead.

I set myself up for this.
It’s not very prominent right now, but I plan on getting a larger one when this fully heals in eight weeks.

I’m still a little surprised by how much it didn’t hurt. I mean, today was a little breezy, and I could definitely feel that breeze in ways I did not like. Additionally, the jostling from eating a steak tonight was … interesting, but that tenderness will be temporary.

Oh, and like my magnificent beard (I know I’m a little overdue for my semimonthly beard sculpting), my mom hates it. Well, she didn’t explicitly say so because my nephew, who is home for spring break (because spring break at CNU is before the vernal equinox for some reason), is bleaching his hair in the bathroom sink tonight.

“I don’t know what to do with you boys,” was all she said.

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