quick update

I haven’t really posted because I really don’t want to do a bunch of solidarity/we’re all sitting around in our homes during the pandemic posts. But, some stuff has happened since my last post around the time of my birthday.

  • Along with my septum piecing, now both of my ears are pierced.
  • I still somehow haven’t had a drink since January.
  • I’m back on the national board of my fraternity.
  • I’m on the board of a statewide journalism group.
  • My publication won two best in show and one sweepstakes awards from the state press association. We have haters now, and it is delicious.
  • The back of my house still isn’t finished, thanks to COVID-19.
  • I took another vacation and wound up in a hotel in Roanoke for two nights. It was a much needed escape for us.
  • I’m still (mostly) writing paragraphs of solidarity for work twice a week, and if I ever bothered to copy and past them here, I’d probably had some consistent content, but again, I really don’t want to chronicle sitting around because of COVID.
  • Obviously, I miss going on and writing about road trips, concerts, seeing friends and whatever.
  • I feel OK despite all that’s going on. I think my second vacation helped. But I miss Richmond. I miss New York. I even miss Hampton Roads and D.C.
  • I’m growing my beard back and started shaving my head.

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