seven years

I’ve just been informed that today marks seven years since I registered and five years since I moved to WordPress and got around to making my email address.

I have too many milestones and anniversaries scattered around to mark them all, but I wanted to note this one.

I’ve broken my promise of updating at least once a week. It’s not that I haven’t done anything of note, I’ve just been so busy lately.

Example: I have about 30 hours to write two articles and a column. I haven’t done them yet because 1) I haven’t been inclined to really work off the clock lately and 2) I was single the last time I was a reporter and would write articles in the time I now use to look at my wife’s butt.

That’s a lame excuse.

I can’t blame not updating this on looking at my wife’s butt, but I like to be out more now that I’m back in Richmond and I need to regain that balance I had the first time of chronicling hitting a trail or general exploring. Case in point: I went to the Valentine Museum last weekend and then looked at some art in a couple galleries downtown. I have nothing to show for it.

I’ve been lazy and undisciplined.

Don’t even ask me about Project 792.

I used to keep tiny notebooks with me to chronicle trips. I did that recently — I took notes for my Boston trip and the second Nashville adventure. I’m exceptionally proud of my note taking for Nashville II.

I really need to get back into the habit. I once said this blog is my external memory. I used to be able to consult the viaduct to resolve disputes on what happened when.

I need to get my memory back.

the day i temporarily lost my online presence

I’m probably not explaining this fully or correctly, because I’m banging it out as it happens and I want to go home.

So, isn’t back up just yet, and my email sorta works. Additionally, I don’t think I can access any emails I got today until later tomorrow. Or I won’t get them at all. Whatever.

Anyway, here’s what happened:

So, back when I was on the executive board for my fraternity, we were all given email addresses with our domain name in them. Since they were being hosted by Gmail, we were told we’d have them for life. Before then, I had a series of addresses from Hotmail, my fraternity chapter and then a couple on Gmail for various reasons (e.g. one that was for work because we had storage issues). I liked having a email address from a domain that wasn’t a free email client. It looked professional. So I used it for everything.

Sometime after 2012, my fraternity chapter’s email account and my national fraternity email accounts ceased to exist. I wasn’t prepared for either, and I lost a couple things that went to both. I recovered all of the accounts that used them for my user name.

Except one.

In 2012, I renewed for three years so I wouldn’t have to worry about renewing every year or forgetting to renew. I made the mistake of registering the domain at not WordPress, so I have to go through an arduous process to make point here. I did that because my blog was still a LiveJournal account back then, and I planned on making this more than a blog in phases.

Anyway, since I rarely needed to access the back end from where I registered my domain, and Gmail hosts my email accounts, I thought nothing of not getting emails from the domain service.

I figured I had like another year to go before it needed to be renewed. They’d email me anyway.

They did.

Those emails bounced back.

My domain expired today, but luckily, wasn’t deleted because hosts have grace periods, thank God.

Since I have a netbook at the moment, isn’t my homepage, because I don’t get to have a homepage. I didn’t look at it this morning.

I though it was odd that I didn’t get any periodic emails today, but I didn’t think too hard about it.

I didn’t think about it at all until my wife said she emailed me something, and I didn’t get it. And then she asked where my site went.

I have a stable of passwords I rotate in various combinations, I was able to renew my domain and change my email to Gmail. At some point, I want to have my own server, so I don’t even have to trust the lidless eye of Google to keep my emails.

I can’t log into the control panel of the domain service yet, because the hamsters are turning and my site is slowly whirring back to life. Actually, as I’m posting this, I’m slowing getting today’s emails. That’s a bit of a relief.

I’m also very glad they didn’t bounce back. I guess they were being held somewhere until the deletion date, which would be when they would bounce back.

The morals of today’s story are, don’t trust anyone who offers you an email address “for life;” if you want to have an email address that doesn’t have a free clients’s domain, buy your own domain; and make sure all your damn contact information is up-to-date on all your important accounts.

Now, I’m going to go buy a beer for my troubles.

Elliott out.