beautiful day

Today was our first 80-degree day and it just so happened to be my day off. Of course, I went fora walk. It wasn’t as long as I wanted because 1) I wanted to stay in city limits and 2) I only had about two hours. Luckily, Charlottesville’s only about 10 square miles.

I think I have a circuit down. It was a 4.5-mile loop today but I have a six-mile loop in mind. I used to do eight in Richmond easy and I think I have a plan for that too. I hope to do this twice a week. I like to eat and I sit a lot at home and at work. I wouldn’t mind to be back in the pants size I was freshman year but having a waistline that has, at this point, only expanded two inches since 2001 is good enough for me. The name of this game is not shooting up nearly six inches again.

But, for today, the name of the game was horrible photos from my thinks-it’s-smarter-than-me phone. One of these days, I’m actually going to bring a camera with me. I need a fit-in-my-pocket point-and-shoot, though. I also want more hyphens. Except for when they’re in Katy’s copy.

But I digress.