1900: jumped the shark[?]

In retrospect, I probably should have officially ended this blog with the wedding.

I mean, the last time I truly did something worth writing about was in August.

Well, I’ve done more than work and hang out with my wife, but I’ve reached the point that “I crashed a Halloween party, saw a coworker play during a live karaoke event then drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway the next day” doesn’t seem noteworthy.

I can’t really talk about work either because 1) I don’t go out in the field 2) how a newspaper is made from a proper administrative side isn’t the most glamorous of tales and 3) it would devolve into the Overheard in the Newsroom website with an incriminating narrative.

There are things I could do or say but, and I’ve mentioned this before, I’m in a weird intermediary moment right now, and I’m not at liberty to explain why. Also, I can’t work on my novel or short stories in earnest either.

This will pass, but I do kinda wish I did wrap things up in July, especially since Project 792 is in beta.

Eh, whatever.

I’ve always said I’m only writing this for myself anyway.

But. for those of your reading who aren’t me, stick around. I promise it will be worth it.

1800: snow

We got a pretty big snowfall this week. Like, it was 50 degrees today, but roads still needed to be plowed big.

It started Wednesday night, so we set up contingencies. I got off work early and the brunt of it hit when Renée got off work, so I hunkered down at home and she got a room at work. Since it started snowing before I got home (it began earlier than forecast), I left my car uphill and around the corner, as to not have a repeat of a month ago in a rental car.

Oh, have I mentioned that we are less than 7 days from me not having my car for 30 days? For a simple minor accident?

At 10 p.m., it looked like this

It was bad, but not really bad.

It was bad, but not really bad.

Then, when I opened the door at 8 a.m. Thursday, it looked like this.

Well, shit. Where's that snow shovel I bought last year?

Well, shit. Where’s that snow shovel I bought last year?

I had to work Thursday, so I got a ride in. The snow had stopped but the road I parked on and my street are down the list of roads to be plowed, although I’m less than a block from a road that’s near the top of the list. Also, I’ve heard that a stretch of my street is private and got incorporated into the city system by accident at some point in history. This information came from an article, so I wondered if that was why nothing got done to it officially until late today.

I got home fairly early Thursday. It was still snowing then. Although I knew I couldn’t get out, I decided to make an attempt to get the foot of snow of the frickin’ Prius. I knew it was forecast to be quite warm today, so I got myself a head start.

This is how it looked before I got the snow off the car and the people on the street started doing what they could to reopen the street in lieu of plows.

I could have driven Nicole out of this. If I cut the wheel harder and gunned the engine, I wouldn't have hit that pole. Also, If I weren't on the street I was on, I wouldn't have hit that pole.

I could have driven Nicole out of this. If I cut the wheel harder and gunned the engine, I wouldn’t have hit that pole. Also, If I weren’t on the street I was on, I wouldn’t have hit that pole.

While I was shoveling, I was greeted by a motley crew who lived in the house I parked in front of. They offered to completely dig me out, but I declined because there was no point. Then they offered to let me warm up inside, which was awesome.

Of course I know people who know them. Did I need to mention that?

I made new friends, stayed for a few hours then wandered back downhill. Not long after that, I got a text from a stir-crazy Renée: The snow had stopped. She could not stay snowed in at work anymore. Although I couldn’t get her, she was going home.

I opened the front door at nearly midnight to see her walking up the street, as the coworker who drove her across town knew the vehicle couldn’t get to our door.

This morning, it shot up to the upper 40s/low 50s, so I figured it was time to dig out. I got out successfully, got to UVa and then parked back in my spot around the corner whilst I carved out a space for myself in front of the house. After that, I helped my new friends dig out their sidewalk and we became Facebook official. After that, I helped a stuck woman with two small children then took a walk. Because the last 24 hours of so have made me feel like a badass. Especially all of the walking uphill and downhill.

And now I’m sore. So, so sore.

If anything, this minor disaster got neighbors talking and working together. That’s what a community is. It’s a little ridiculous that we’ve gone a year and some change without really making friends here, but our schedules make it tough. At least this snowfall seems to have a bright side.

1700: the new exit265c.com

Well, I’ve finally done it. After talking about it since at least this past June.

I don’t quite know what to put on the home page exactly, but there’s now a home page. This blog is now under its own page called the viaduct. In fact, only the blog is called the viaduct now. The website is now EXIT 265C, which makes sense, considering that we’re at frigging exit265c.com. Also, I changed my user name to “the viaduct” so all the dynamic pages (i.e. the blog and its sub-pages) are identified as such.

Obviously, the new header image is neither a viaduct nor the eponymous exit. If you’ve ever seen Exit 265C (scroll down a bit), you know it’s not much to look at. (ASIDE: I was in Hampton that day in 2010, and I can’t with 100% certainty say that is not my car taking the exit when this photo was taken … especially, if you go back to some previous photos and that car makes a maneuver I very well would have at that moment. But I digress.) The photo is the junction of the Downtown Expressway and Interstate 95 in downtown Richmond.

As for the nav bar, the About Me page is pretty much the same. I killed the direct link to my page design and my résumé since I’m not on the market. There’s a link to the CLOG stuff in that section instead of on the front because it’s not timely anymore and I probably won’t update it ever again.

The third page is the wedding page, which is under construction. That pretty much sparked the whole redesign. I figured we needed a wedding site and I then thought to myself, why get it hosted somewhere when I can just create a page on my own site? I didn’t want to have a blog site with a wedding site attached so I now have a site with a wedding site and a mostly unrelated blog attached.

At least I got provoked into action.

Now I just need to finish everything I need to finish with my novel so I can also shrill my book here as well so this truly becomes The Official Website of Elliott Robinson.