back in business

And, suddenly, LSW7.

Christmas came early. Renée got me a Chromebook. LSW6 is great, but it’s good to be able to type on a normal keyboard at my normal speed. And do some things that are just a little too hard/complicated on a table because there isn’t a keyboard.

It took me a little longer than necessary to get my bookmarks here, since the operating system is effectively Google Chrome itself so, obviously, No Firefox Allowed. And, since LSW5 is still out of commission, I had to get creative with exporting bookmarks.

So far, it’s pretty good. My music is in the cloud and on my external. I have my novel back.

And now I’m a tool with a smartphone, tablet and netbook. And, of course none of them are using Windows or iOS.

My biggest gripe is THE LACK OF CAPS LOCK. I know it’s been abused lately — and for the most part, has no use — but I use it from time to time. Also, it’s a little trick to put in special characters. I figured out how to do accents, but I had to copy and paste an em dash there a second ago. I haven’t tried working on my job’s website yet (and I know I can’t get into the VPN), but I think I’m going to be in the mid-90 percent area as far as productivity for now.

But anyway, I’m back in business.

the return

On Friday, I broke down and gave Amazon money for cloud storage. I got most of my music back just like that (I uploaded every song on LSWV during the trial period).

A coworker was able to mine V’s hard drive and I reconciled the cloud on Sunday. Additionally, I’m able to get back to work on finishing this final revision of Brown River Blues. I don’t like extensive typing/hand writing on LSW6, but maybe Santa Claus will get me a keyboard.

The jury’s still out on whether V will ride again. All I need is for it to limp into late 2014 or so. If not, I can make do with 6. Then again, I could befine with this tablet. I no longer need a full-on computer. Sure some things are more convenient on a “traditional” computer, but my only problem is that I can’t access my job’s VPN. And I don’t and shouldn’t work that extensively from home.

I have a screen larger than my remote control-sized cell phone. That’s mostly what matters.

Most importantly, I have my music back and only deafness, abject poverty or an electromagnetic pulse can take that from me now.


So. My laptop bit the dust. From what I can figure out online, the graphics card died so it won’t boot. This is due to the wonky screen.

I’m broadcasting live from my new tablet, LSW6. In theory, I can rescue my files from V . … I need to, since the (should be) final draft of Brown River Blues is there as well as my music and such.

I’m sure I can recover my shizz and move on soon.

On the bright side, I can handwrite my blog entries, as I don’t have a keyboard. Despite my outrageous cursive, it’s keeping up 80% of the time . I nearly said 90 but fail.

As I said in my last freak out, I didn’t want to make a purchase this close to the wedding but I kinda had no choice.

In remembering LSW1, holding basically a full computer in one hand whilst I handwrite something is nothing short of amazing since 1999.

Welcome to a new era.

I hope I get a laptop for Christmas, though.