It’s my fourth wedding anniversary.

I turn 35 in 30 minutes.

By some measures, I’m no longer a part of the prime demographic.

I don’t know who new musicians are (generally).

I’ve been playing Beck’s Sea Change like it’s still 2002.

My beard has so many grey hairs.

I probably have two more job changes/promotions left before I’m firmly one of the olds and shifting gears is unusual.

As you probably can tell, we haven’t taken a trip. We’re adjusting to avoid once again vacationing in boiling heat. I’m glad we did. I had to run down to Hampton Roads for a family emergency, and my dog also is sick.

But, in all honesty, I’m not complaining.

There a lot of road and adventure ahead of me. And I’m looking forward to it.

This lament about getting older is nothing but that split second when all the traffic lights are red.


Inadvertent metaphor taken tonight.

if she were a boy, she’d be named bill

THIS IS our new dog, Missy.


Missy Pawlus

She’s 10, so we know we won’t have an awful lot of time with her, but she is a surprisingly energetic 10.

She wound up in the shelter after losing her home in the tornadoes that swept across Virginia in February. She probably kept getting passed over because people didn’t want an older dog.

Well, now she has a family who loves and wants her and will give her a home for all the years she has left.

Welcome home, Missy.