We’re moving to the full-sized house upstairs.

It doesn’t have everything I want in a place but it works for now. The price was right and we’ll have rent control for up to three years.

We haul our things up the ramp to street level on or before Oct. 1.

Next up: Real furniture (because it will fit) and changing my address ever so slightly on everything.

house of leaves

We toured the house upstairs today. I never finished the book in the title of this post, because it was a short-term loan and I’ve been meaning to buy it. The the plot includes a house that is markedly larger on the inside than it is on the outside.

The house has the same footprint as my apartment.

It has two decent-sized bedrooms, real closets, a large kitchen/dining area and an intimate living room. And it’s not much more than down here.

Sure, it’s not the biggest house, but I can’t get over how much more room it has over where I am now. IT HAS THE SAME DIMENSIONS.


In about a week or so, the landlord will be back from vacation and we’ll do a formal walk through. Then we wait. Our neighbors aren’t leaving until the end of September. Then we’ll haul our things up the ramp and finally get real/more furniture because we’ll inexplicably have a lot more space. And a deck. And a porch.

Maybe this house is actually a TARDIS.


We probably have our wedding venue nailed down. There’s a discount at the University of Virginia Chapel for employees. We did want to have the ceremony in Richmond but whatever.

We need to send out the save the dates pretty soon as well. I’m starting to get questions about them.


Obviously, I think talking (writing) through what was causing my writer’s block has ended it. Not only have  I been a blogging fool lately, I have jumped back into the novel. All I have left to do is stop sucking at something else and get some decent sleep. I’m still doing this making up in the middle of the night BS. I also took a nap today, after which I was still sleepy. Hopefully, having tomorrow off will do some good.

**insert obvious post title**

Speaking of moving, my lease is up at the end of September. I was about to start our official hunt for a new place when I got a call from my landlord.

Our upstairs neighbors, who originally said they were going to stay there for a while, have decided to buy a house. The landlord gave us right of first refusal for upstairs, which has two bedrooms and has a layout more like a normal house. I still haven’t formally seen it and, at the moment, I don’t know exactly how much upstairs costs.

Unless it’s the most awful place I’ve ever seen and is outrageously expensive, we’re probably going to take it. This will be the easiest move I’ve ever had.

Except for my address changing but not. On the bright side, I can stop having my address be “#B,” which annoys me to no end. NO END.

I hope this goes well because I’d rather just grab my stuff and bring it up the ramp and then save getting a U-Haul just for when I get more/real/better furniture.

We’ll see how this shakes out in the next month and a half.

three’s a crowd

I learned some saddening news this week.

Goodbye, house

You’ll always be home to me

Matt, Shaunelle and Loaf are moving away.

My bonus year of guaranteed couch surfing in RVA is over.

Matt and the Greatest Dog in the World are heading to Georgia. Shaunelle now works in the Tri-Cities, so it looks like Petersburg, Hopewell and Colonial Heights will remain a part of my life in some form or fashion.

Although we knew this had to happen at some point, it’s still something I never wanted to happen. This house atop Chimborazo was the catalyst for the best post-college experience I’ve had  so far. You could come and knock on our door because we’d been waiting for you. This was our Friends house. This was our How I Met Your Mother house.  This was our Jersey Shore, our Real World. This was our halfway house between the our early 20s and the real world.

Much like my fraternity and our infamous chapter house at 210 Deep Creek Road, this was a house where inseparable bonds were forged.

If that house were a sitcom, I was the among the characters added after the first season to try to keep it afloat. I came after the first year of tenants. Matt and Shaunelle had lost two before I arrived in August 2009. After I arrived, we went through two fourth roommates before we realized it just wasn’t going to work with four. When I left for six months, my room never got refilled. I was able to come back in to round out my third year before heading to Charlottesville.

Those three years, including the time when I officially  unofficially no longer lived there were amazing. Over time, it truly became home. The very first time I changed the address on my license was there. Other than my mom’s house, I had been pretty transient during and after college (never mind the extraordinary amount of time I spent on Bull Run Drive in Hopewell). I couldn’t bear to go to the DMV back then and say that some of the places I’ve lived back then were where I officially lived (never mind that being a little illegal). When I arrived at that house, I knew it was going to be a place that stuck with me. It was in that house when I stopped calling my mom’s house home. Never mind that I was subletting: It was home.

But it is time to go. It’s run its course. Despite how amazing living in that house was, preparing to make my home as a married man is going to be more awesome. Although probably with fewer keggers in the backyard. Probably.

I still have the key to 210 on my key chain. When I got my new license, I still kept the one that said I was a Richmond, Va., resident in that Church Hill home. I’ll continue to hold on to it.