So, I went to Washington the weekend before last.

I totally meant to write something about that, despite not doing anything particularly noteworthy, because this blog is often my auxiliary memory.

I spent most of the time within walking distance of this fiasco, because I meant Maryland when I said Washington. We were only in the District for a few hours. The main goal was to visit Jim, one of my friends from high school. I had planned to see more people, but we were bound to the Metro our first night there and it wasn’t a payday weekend for most of my friends.

It was entirely too late at night to be in that station

Judiciary Square

We went around downtown D.C. instead.

And I also sprained my ankle pretty bad.

The trip was the longest time I had been in The Old Line State since maybe 1997. And the longest time I’ve been in a fully urbanized area since maybe 2013. Richmond only sorta counts.

I miss large cities. I missed the consistent sidewalks, the tall buildings, the lighting, the grit, the stuff. Charlottesville seems entirely too small sometimes.

We are trying to get linked into the community more, though. We’re trying to go out on the town at least every other week. I try to accept every invitation to go out and do something, much like in Richmond.

It’s still no Richmond, though. Or D.C.

Or New York.

The countdown to my biggest New York trip has begun. It’s a real vacation. Now that I’m married, I actually take weeklong vacations that don’t solely involve sleeping or partying in as many cities as possible.

Although … maybe I’ll party in as many boroughs as possible?

Sounds like a plan.