you do know this weekly quote thing is unsustainable, right?

“The materials in front of us fail pretty profoundly on every imaginable level and there is nothing to like about this project as it stands,” [Charlottesville Board of Architectural Review] member Brian Hogg said.

Developer seeks new six-story building on West Main Street, by Sean Tubbs


Well, I could do this every week if I actually wrote down the amazing quotes I hear each week. Then again, most of the amazing ones I can’t put here, because I’m cognizant that my friends and acquaintances are very, very horrible people. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This was evident in the email event I had last night.

So, here we are: Within 30 days of the wedding. We still have some things to plan out. One thing we didn’t need was the University of Virginia telling us that we could park in a garage that wasn’t the one I told everyone to use.

My original plan was to write a generic statement and have a copy/paste extravaganza.

But, for the two of you who stuck with this since June 1, 2004, you know I write an awful lot and I have the problem of getting over my writer’s block at a lime when I don’t write for a living and I don’t have a computer that can handle opening my manuscript, which was in it I-mean-it-this-time edit because I finally figured out how to smooth out this one bumpy section that has been bothering me since about 2010.

Picture it: Two o’clock in the morning and many fives of emails to send a few days after I said that I missed getting personal emails.

They varied in length depending on the situation and where I was mentally as 2:06 a.m. somehow became 3:47 a.m. One of them was a stream-of-consciousness ramble that involved links to things unrelated to the wedding. One was 85% swear words. There was staccato punctuation. There was gratuitous caps lock.

Although I mentioned to one of my friends that that exercise made me reconsider finally getting my mom’s typewriter repaired and going full low-tech for thank you notes, I’m now looking forward to it.

Despite all of this, I wrote it in a way that didn’t require a reply. I got a couple though. It made it all worth it.

I’m down to one friend who emails me with any sort of regularity, Dave. I can count on one hand how many people still call me to shoot the breeze: Bill, Joseph, Pete and Craig. Beyond that, there are texts, sporadic Facebook messages and comments.  On the bright side, nearly everyone in my core group of friends is somewhere in the Commonwealth of Virginia still. The down side of that is that I haven’t been traveling much lately because of planning and paying for the wedding and all.

Butler mentioned recently that it was a shame that I haven’t seen everyone lately because I haven’t driven out to see anyone, and he was going to make it a goal to travel to Charlottesville to visit me. I’ve never minded my trips to see any and pretty much everyone being one-way because I love driving and my personality is that, if I have time off, my first response is to more or less turn my contact list into a game of chance and pick a friend to visit. To me, the trip to see someone is nearly as sweet as going to see them.

This reminds me that I completely forgot to visit someone a few months ago. I also forgot something bigger and I feel a little like an ass about it. It’s also an example of how the modern age has virtually made people who aren’t on social media disappear. But Butler did raise a good point: It is a two-way street. I was more of one when I was single and living in Chimborazo. Everyone: Just because I’m getting married, I live in Charlottesville and my work schedule is interesting to say the least, my door is always open, as it was in Richmond and Newport News and growing up in the center of it all for my family in Hampton.

But I digress.

I forgot to post some shots of my taking the extremely long way home from Hampton over Mother’s Day weekend. It had been ages since I’d been on Virginia back roads by myself with only the vaguest destination in mind. There’s nothing like twists and turns, wooded hill and verdant field, the lack of interstate urgency building up to or capping a trip to see those who will never have any idea how much our friendship means to me. It’s why cutting my wedding guest list was painful. It was why I rejoiced with every “yes.”

It’s going to be a little odd in a month when a good portion of the people I go out to see are coming to see me and celebrate with me.

OWE for this week, no. 1: from an article by k. burnell evans

“Do I get a T-shirt – ‘I survived the budget cycle’ or something like that?” freshman Supervisor Brad Sheffield said, after taking the final step in what county staff and the board agreed was an unusually grueling budget cycle.
“There’s no money in the budget for that,” replied Lori Allshouse, director of budget and performance management.

If for some reason you’re interested in an article in The (Charlottesville) Daily Progress on Albemarle County’s budget