Over the course of nearly a decade (and nearly 1850 entries), this blog has in some aspects faded into obscurity. It’s sinking in today, as the first batch of wedding invites are set to go out  in about six hours, that it’s going to be thrust in the spotlight by the virtue of it being attached to my wedding pages. When we were talking about the online life of our wedding, creating a site came up. After a couple of three minutes: HEY! I HAVE AN ACTUAL WEBSITE!

Well, it’s a blog disguised as a website, but I made something that gets the job done without Flash or any other bells and whistles because I haven’t done any coding in exactly three years. I’m basically good for nothing on the back-end now. I used to fix my own computers! I manually removed viruses from two computers! For shame!

I’ve used up my exclamation mark quota for the quarter in this entry alone.

But I digress.

You! You there! You’re either a regular, a new reader or a new old reader.

Yep, this is still here nearly 10 years later, new old reader.

Yes, I never mentioned I have a blog, new reader. Actually, this is a figment of your imagination.

This is a sprawling piece of near stream-of-consciousness vanity. Well, isn’t everything on the Internet nowadays? As I said the last two times I had an incredible spike in traffic, don’t expect anything spectacular here (unless you know where to look.)


This spring day was topped off with a visit to the wedding venue. I took a 360-degree video I have no urge to post. (It’s mostly because I didn’t buy video hosting here so I’d have to post it to YouTube and embed it and I’m already feeling tired just writing about it because I’m lazy and should have been in bed two hours ago.) Here are two photos of it as it’s just starting to come in bloom.

Purty, ain't it?

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain and isn’t to hot and humid.

I never thought I'd get married in a garden.

This is where the magic will happen.

I’m starting to really, really get excited about his whole thing.

wedding entry some of you won’t want to read no. 3

We officially have a venue.

It’s not in Richmond.

It is in Virginia.

Good enough.

We’re waiting to hear back from a couple of hotels on quotes for the block of rooms. We also need a reception venue.

Our officiant is officially our officiant.

After that, we can start cranking out invitations, after I beat some people senseless until I get their addresses. I still think I’m going to hop on InDesign and do everything except for the actual invitation printing myself. Colors, font faces, text boxes, vector images, kerning and leading, EPS and PDF files: I can’t wait.

Additionally, i think one of the people I wanted as a photographer has fallen through so I think our engagement photo photographer (which didn’t happen because they caught a cold and then we caught a cold) will be promoted.

Also, food. We need to find a caterer. We can’t forget food.

wedding entry some of you won’t want to read no. 2

We can check one thing off the list: Making the wedding guest list.

Since, as I said before, I would invite the entire United States of America and half of the islands of Malta and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta if I could, I thought it best to let Renée take the lead in making the guest limit. Including children, her list consists of 92 people. With a heavy heart, I cut my list down to 88. A lot of my friends are still single so I went below the limit because there’s a chance that some of these people will bring a date.

I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I’m still a little concerned that someone would be offended because they’re not invited. I think the wedding being on a Sunday helps that a lot. Since this is going down on my birthday weekend next year, I can see who I can get to come out for my pre-birthday party earlier in the weekend. I guess this feeling is because I don’t take being friends lightly. That’s probably why my connections to people are more tangled than a Charles Dickens novel. Seriously. I want to commandeer a giant whiteboard and display the connections I have with various and sundry people.

I haven’t used the world sundry in a while; I may be approaching the true end of my writer’s block.

On to the next daunting task: Getting these people’s addresses and finalizing the wedding design so we can send out the save the dates.

We have 369 days.

wedding entry some of you won’t want to read no. 1

In this installment, I’m somewhat working things out in my head and wanted to write them out to solidify them a little.

If you’re reading this and somehow haven’t picked up on it, I’m in a fraternity. We’re a close-knit group, and I consider many of them to be close friends. Beyond that, I have my friends I’ve met from elementary school through a few months ago.

As much as I would love to, I can’t invite them all to my wedding.

We haven’t fully talked about how large we want this to be. The last time we did, I was able to jot down 80 people I wanted on my side of the aisle off the top of my head. That’s ludicrous. I’ve half-seriously considered live streaming the entire thing here so anyone who wants to be a part of this can at least be there virtually. I guess that needs to be a serious consideration.

Another option could be having a small ceremony with our inner circles and families and keeping our current date for the reception/31st birthday blowout.

Regardless, I need to hack my list down some more, and we need to make a real list. Once we have a full idea of how many people are going to be there, we can start scouting out venues. And I can finalize the designs I shared earlier for the save the dates.

Hacking the list is going to be hard for me. There are people I want there because of our long, storied history together. There are people I want there because, although we haven’t been best of buds for 10,000 years, they’ve touched my life in short enough time for me to want them to be a part of this special moment. There are people who have to be there, because I can’t have my mother be the only member of my family there.

I think, since the wedding is going to be on a Sunday, we could make this a multi-day event where we can work in some people, especially those who live in reasonable driving distance to Richmond, on Friday and/or Saturday in the downtime before showtime. Unless Shaunelle moves out of my old house, we should be able to throw some event there for the “we’re so sorry that we can’t fit you into the wedding, but we can celebrate that and Elliott’s birthday here” crowd.

I’ve primed the pump; now it’s time to start discussing these things. We only have a year.


I figured, at this point, I’d just smash everything together in a giant post.

First off, press play.

This is one of Falyn’s favorite songs. It was the last song to play at her wedding reception. I was in the wedding two weeks ago.

Before the festivities. Note the before.

I love these crazy guys.

Technically, I was a bridesmaid. The wedding was in Richmond and, because it was Falyn and Isaac, it was what was expected: Awesome.

But, before I got there, I visited one of our former reporters who now works at the Richmond paper. After we grabbed a late lunch, a state tourism truck ran a red light. Then this happened.

I kinda wish a tourist was involved.

Virginia is for Lovers … of fail.

No one was injured seriously.

I told him, “I bought you news; you’re welcome.”

This happened in front of Third Street Diner, which was a common theme of the day.

Afterward, we celebrated the upcoming nuptials with a tour de drink throughout RVA that ended at Third Street.

I love this place for some reason.


I don’t have any photos of the wedding yet. I didn’t take any because I was kinda in it.

Also, this trip was brought to you by Alamo BBQ. That’s Alamo BBQ: 2202 Jefferson Ave., in the beautiful city of Richmond.

Also try the brisket!

Get the Texas Trainwreck. You’ll thank me later.

So, it’s Year Nine. Nine years ago, I was already drinking wantonly and preparing for more wanton drinking to herald my final year of college. And launching this blog. Now I have no more than 365 days to get my entire wedding settled. I think that’s going to be the theme of this entire year.

It’s been a ride, hasn’t it? When I started this thing, I had been officially single for a couple of years and trying to make the most of being a senior in college. Initially, this was supposed to chronicle senior year. Then it turned into senior year plus starting my first job. Then becoming a young adult. Then nine years went by.

The wedding side of this is about to blow up. Then we’ll prepare to find a place to find our home for the long haul. Then I’ll have to balance being a dad and not being boring. All of this is still odd to me. I wasn’t even thinking about being a real adult when I started this thing. Now I’m a rare breed: Almost all of my friends who had a blog in 2004 don’t have one anymore. I’m still plugging along somewhat. I’m still excited about what the future holds.

The next 365 days will find me gearing up to marry the woman I wanted to marry back in 2002; the next 365 days will more or less devote this blog to me prepping to become someone’s husband; the next 365 days will not be like the other years this blog has covered.

Let’s do this.

But first, seriously, I need everybody and everything to go away for like 24 hours or so. At least for one day. I really, really need a day where I don’t leave the house.

Let’s end with the two songs I hope are played at my wedding. Bonus points if they’re played live.